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The Painting

April 3, 2018
By est16 DIAMOND, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
est16 DIAMOND, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Enter my living room and you’ll see
A painting so dear to me
A splash of vibrant color covers all around
The sky, the trees, and the mound
Red, orange, and even a hint of yellow
Giving it a feeling that is so mellow
On the top of the painting, I see a beautifully outlined sky
That birds of the air glide
I see ranges of mountains: some gold, some yellow, and some brown
They will not make you frown
Close to a city and along a majestic crimson river, journeying boats start out
To head for places unknown; going along their route
Near the river is a city with a neat row
Of cities starting to grow
Against the crimson river and near the boats is a mound
A rock mound that the journeying boats will steer around
Reader, would you like to travel along the crimson river or see the birds gliding against the sky?
If you say yes, then so would I!

The author's comments:

Once again, made few years ago; inspired by a certain painting

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