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The Bird In the Cage

April 3, 2018
By est16 DIAMOND, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
est16 DIAMOND, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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With wings the color of the sky
A bird swoops by
Her appearance is like a shade
Of a rainbow, that God made
The bird flutters toward the view of a house
As quiet as a mouse
Inside the window of the house, there was a cage that warned the bird to turn back
The bird went in anyway, instinct was her lack
Like a fool, she took the bait
And was soon in the bars of hate!
The bird, now realizing what she had done, cried out,
“Freedom is now what I sought!”
Plagued with fear and worry, the bird began to trill
Hoping that it would echo through the hill
When all her trilling was spent and the sun began to set
The bird sunk down to the hard bottom of the cage and wept
Saying, “All hope is lost, no one will find me!”
She soon began seeing a sight that could be freedom’s key
That window she came from, all glorious indeed
Outside, outside is where the bird will be freed!
The bird kept on hitting and hitting the cage’s locked jaws
Suddenly, a cat sprang up with all four paws
Licking his lips, the cat walked sinisterly around the caged bird
Assuring himself that no sound will be heard
Before the cat could make his strike, the bird used all her strength and broke through the cage, got out of the window, and flew into the air!
That cat better not get her now, or would he dare?
The bird flew gracefully, her wings gliding against the night
Knowing that what she did was a sight!
The cat looked out the window, shocked to see
That a trapped bird is now finally free!
The bird flew away back to her home
Deciding that near houses she would not roam

The author's comments:

Made few years ago; inspired by the story "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou

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