The Beach

April 3, 2018
By est16 PLATINUM, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
est16 PLATINUM, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Yellowed, gritty sand
Slips through my sandals at hand
Waves roll towards me
The wind, slated and free
My hand feels
The cold, watery wave; which reels
Back to its deepened spell
Of hiding under the ocean so well
Before it rises as tall as an arch
Moving its descent to a march
Grayed skies mask a foggy haze
Which will blow out the blaze
Of the sun
My feet step into the ocean
Moving in a fast-paced motion
Slosh! The waves gently prod
My feet as if holding a rod
Inviting them to move closer its embrace
To come at a quicker pace
Yet, I am swept
By the waves; my feet spiral down to its foamy depth
Frothing, misted waves
Swim from their underwater caves
Their fingers rub and feel my skin
Clear droplets of water; they add with a grin
My head then rises
Through the underwater waves of all different sizes
My ears were muffled from all sound
Inside the watery walls; no noise can be found
My feet step away
From the ocean, for at least today
My body smooths against the roughened, purple-pink towel
Its surface on the prowl
Sponging up the droplets of water
Helping the sun make my skin hotter
With my towel slung across my back
I leave the beach, with nothing to lack

The author's comments:

Made few months ago; inspired by all those times I've been to the beach

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