You've Got us Wrong

April 3, 2018

He said to me:

We don’t need their illness
Protect our future for heaven’s sake
If they reach for the gun just give it to them
Let them fix their own mistake

They beg and they beg for Lord’s mercy
And scream and cry and shout
But time runs in no hurry
So their pain, they just have to hold out

You rotten our society
Trouble us with your tears
Just forget about your problems
and the pain of the years

I say to him:
You’re the one with the sickened hand
We’ve fought our battles
Against pain you will never understand

We never asked for this, it is out of our control.
It’s not always broken down in atoms,
Life is a daily struggle, damaging to the soul

We may have scars
but your mind is locked in bars.
See with your heart and not your eyes.
We are the strongest, a blessing in disguise

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