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Not Sense

April 3, 2018
By LizzyBen BRONZE, Adamsville, Alabama
LizzyBen BRONZE, Adamsville, Alabama
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A boat floats down the rope.
A tie ties up the water.
A drop rains on the sea.
The sea cannot see.

As you can see
Nonsense is Meaningless,
But “Meaningless” has ‘meaning.’

What is the meaning of Nonsense?

Not having sense.

So as a boat floats down
the rope,
Is it the boat that floats,
Or is it the rope?
The rope ties the boat,
which is on the water.
So doesn’t the rope also tie the water?

Is this nonsense,
Or is the sense not what you expected?
Perhaps you are Nonsense.
You do not have my sense,
Therefore you are Nonsense.

The author's comments:

As much as you attempt to confine everyone into the general population, we are all individuals that see the world in very different ways. How one sees the world could be utter nonsense to the next. It's up to us to go into every situation and every new encounter with an open mind. Therefore, do the same with this poem. Open your mind and just enjoy it. It is my logic, and it is perfectly acceptable if you do or don't understand it.

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