loudest silence

April 3, 2018
By scarrlet BRONZE, Smithville, Texas
scarrlet BRONZE, Smithville, Texas
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often times you are silent

although your voice is loud

your eyes are the loudest

   your ears constantly

        listing along


often times you are silent

   your body says it all

  the way that you walk

  your confidence holds

           you tall


often times you are silent

  your smile is so bright 

even without showing teeth

   the ends of your lips

meet the top of your cheeks


often times you are silent

 you are no less a man

your strenght will show

   your courage will

       never bow

The author's comments:

Jude Dennis, is the inspiration of this picece, he is a strong silent charater that is "often silent", but everything about him screams so loud.

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