School is tough

April 3, 2018
By Tvielot BRONZE, Douglasville , Georgia
Tvielot BRONZE, Douglasville , Georgia
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  As I looked at the page my mind went blank.

It felt as if I had just sank.

Why didn't I know any of this?
Was there something I had missed?
I tried the best I could and handed it in.
What's the worst that could happen?
I got my test back and started to grieve 
because on the front page was an 50%  in red.
I can't believe what I have just read.

There are no excuses to be said.

The teacher began to say,
"have this test signed and back by Monday."
Right there I froze didn’t know what to do, 

Until I decided to lie to my parents only this time.

I had to become a mime,

Only for the weekend.
However, on Monday morning I decided it would be best,
if I were the one to sign the test.
Satisfied, I turned around.
Only found my teacher looking down upon me 
He looked disappointed and started to say,
my work ethic is unacceptable and that I needed 

to make a change. 

If I don’t change then I can't meet the required Lexile Range.
After that I had to change my way, 

So, I won't be able to delay, 

My own future in the world.

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