Society Is Broken

April 3, 2018
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We will change Society

Society says to do something
But it’s never what we want
Why can’t a black woman be a doctor
Or a Hispanic man be a scientist

We want our own paths

I don’t want to get little pay forever


Burger King

That’s not my dream

I saw a family
On the edge of the road
They have nothing
They never had a chance

  And Another
A Mother working 2 jobs
Just to make sure
Her kids have a life

These people's lives are wilting
Like a flower with no sun

We need to stand up
For our rights

Our freedom

And our lives

We should be free to make choices




Fashion designer

You could have your way

  I shouldn’t have to pay infinity dollars
To survive

One moment everything is fine
And then BAM!
It’s Broken into pieces

The earth is dropping to its knees

We should have a choice

A voice

We will chance society

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