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The Women In My Family

April 11, 2018
By Mayalee BRONZE, Newton Center, Massachusetts
Mayalee BRONZE, Newton Center, Massachusetts
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The women in my family are lambent eyed women
Coiled hair and dimpel backed, women
I gotta buy this because it retails for 89.99 but it’s only 8 bucks on clearance, women
Get up we’re going to yoga, women
You better text me when you get there, women
Never pluck my eyebrows or my anger, women
If one is good, five is better, women
Be all you can be, women
Bell bottom, black waterline, red lip, women
Love is my god, women
Never gonna own a flat iron never gonna need a curling wand, women
Tone deaf, windows down, shotgun screaming rhymes to the wind, women
Help me make this email mean, women
Susceptible to scars and thickened skin, women
Hold your breath when you pass the cemetery, women
Stick shift, steel toe timberland, women
No stain is permanent, women
I always wear my shades inside, women
Sleeping with our eyes open, women
Shriek at the wedding, women
I love when he buys me flowers because they are good for my compost, women
I’ll kill anyone who hurts my baby, women
Sea salt and vinegar, women
The darkness around your eyes is all the covergirl you need, women
Timber in my mouth, barbed wire in my blood and a knife in my hand, women
I broke my back to get you here and I’d do it again, women
I like my grey hair because it glows like silver thread, women
Cry at everything that isn’t your own sorrow, women
Crimson flowers intertwined in our toes, spiderwebs of silk interlaced in our fingers, women
Eyes that echo each-other’s, women
Fight that echoes our mother’s, women
Earnest, outraged,
badass, uncaged,
I’ll die before I comply-

The author's comments:

My mother and all of the other strong women in my family are the inspiration behind this piece. 

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