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April 11, 2018
By Anonymous

I look it the mirror
But I don’t see myself
I no longer see my reflection but the girl who is changed maybe for the better or the worse
I can see the stress seeping out though
The things that cover up the true layer beneath
And the clothes I put on to try and hide every last bit of insecurity a teenage girl could ever dream of knowing that it’s never covered up
There is always something that could be pointed out and tear you down slowly until you’re barely standing up anymore
I don’t find it very fair for anyone to have to think of themself as something that isn’t worth it
Everyone should be capable of being confident without having others around them kicking it down
The silent torture of maybe just a few words can ruin someone forever
But no one ever takes it into consideration how much it could hurt others
Why is it so hard for people around you to be kind and accept their peers for who they are, even if it’s something you don’t agree with
It is what makes them special and unique
Not everyone has to be the same

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