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Sounds Of Nature

April 11, 2018
By Anonymous

When I was a little boy, 

My life was troubled by bad things in the world 

Until I discovered a mother that always hears my cries

Nature is always waiting 

Ready for me to pour my heart out to her


She changed me to who I am today

Her beautiful voice puts me at ease 

Whenever I can not to terms with life

The sounds of Nature taught me not to wither 

But to flourish from my problems 


I have the sounds burned in my brain 

The memories come flooding in 

Every time I think of her majestic voice

The chirping birds, the gentle rain, the soothing wind 

Lays me to rest with infinite relaxation


Down the road along my life 

I found a loving wife 

My love for her is deepening 

But my love for Mother Nature grows more

Nature is there eternally throughout the cycle of life 


She proved to be a real life changer 

With her everlasting wisdom and simplicity 

She taught me many things 

About the mysteries of life and death

I hold a burden of her knowledge as I lay dying 


As I currently lie on the hospital bed,

I hear the beautiful sounds of Mother Nature 

Her voice rises and tells me 

That I am withering to death 

But I shall flourish as a part of her 

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