My English is Fine.

April 10, 2018

I know what I said and I mean what I say,
There is no need to clarify.
I understand the words that come out of my mouth.

I speak the language that I know, even if only I know.

There is no need to explain my feelings.
Only i can do that.
And even i cannot do that.
Therefore, neither can you.

And I do not need a translator.
My english is fine, thank you for asking.
I do not need you to rationalize my thoughts.
I think for myself just as you do on your own.

I speak what I know and I know what I speak.
Do not explain for me, I will explain for myself.
My english if fine, you do not need to translate.
For I will translate for myself, from what I know and what I mean.

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AinsleyTurnedAlex said...
today at 11:23 am
This is good, I can't relate personally, but your words are very powerful.
karisuna said...
yesterday at 2:39 pm
I can relate to your struggles myself, as an Asian-American girl. This poem is very powerful.
ChOiCe said...
yesterday at 9:16 am
I am latina as well, yet my friends love it when I rant to them in Spanish. In some ways I understand, for people send weirded-out looks to my family and I when we start a conversation in the store in all Spanish.
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