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Echo of a Heartbeat

April 10, 2018
By Nyxiah BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
Nyxiah BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
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The echo of a heartbeat
Quiet, still
A peak on a monitor, a beat on a drum
Nothing more than a whisper…
Yet it holds us
Our past, our present, our future
Courses through our fingertips
Hums inside our chest
It screams and cries
It laughs and loves
Breaking, healing, living, breathing
We hear only a beat
We do not hear what it carries
The secrets held deep within the scars of a tortured heart
The treasures captured from the beauty of sunlight
The love between two strangers that will manifest only in their dreams...
The heart captures it all
A picturesque polaroid
Painting a scene of love, loss, and beauty
That cannot be seen, but can only be felt
Felt in every thrum of a heartbeat
Felt in the tune of its ceremonious drum

Yet one day, it must end
The curtains close, the performance over
The stage thick with silence
It resonates
Cutting through the air
Still drumming in the hearts of the viewers
Until all that is left
Is the echo of a heartbeat

The author's comments:

I find it so amazing that all of us have such a unique story, an underground web of love and loss that is carried all within our hearts. So, I wrote this poem to commemorate life, and show that, even after our lives are over, they still continue on with the legacy we leave.

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