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A Year of Hell and Happiness

April 10, 2018

1 Month
Darkness consumes my surroundings like the middle of the night
The voices in my head at war with each other
One saying everything will be alright
The other tearing at my confidence and hope.

3 Months
The pain rips through my head much more than before
And suddenly the only safe haven is under my bedsheets
The voices in my head yell and scream for hours
Until it feels like the sun is setting for me.

6 Months
I’m beginning to fall apart
It’s time for me to fight back
The good voice has been overtaken
Only to be replaced by a louder one

9 Months
I’ve come through miles of hell
And now I sit on my knees
Exhausted and broken but not yet defeated
And the sun rises to light my way again.

The author's comments:

Inspired by my own personal recovery from a dark place. If you or anyone else suffers from depression, I encourage you to seek help, whether it be through a professional or through an art, like writing for me.

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