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Lifeless Desert

April 10, 2018
By andrewv3205 BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
andrewv3205 BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
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Alone for miles and miles.
No life for days.
No life at night.
Leaving life behind.

The only sound for weeks is a gallop.
Until your only friend is your only resource.
Until you’re the only option.
Until your life is next.

When the sun goes down and the monsters in the shadows are as lifeless as the desert you’re trapped in.
The only light besides the moon is their glowing red eyes searching for any life to take.

Darkness surrounding you.
Demons surrounding you.
Death surrounding you
Death chasing you.

Until the sun rises and you survive another day of your journey.
Days get shorter and nights get longer.
At least thats what your mind thinks.

Days are a mirage of what you want.
Nights are the reality of what you run from.
Sleeping until sunset to get a head start.
Running to the sunset to find a beating heart.
Walking and walking until the next night you become one.

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