April 9, 2018
By , Olympia, WA

If you fall
The stairs
and no one is around to see it
Do you still make a sound?
Or do you lay there
and just be hurt for a minute


If a tree
In the forest
And no one is around to hear it
Does it still make a sound?



It's just taking time
To be broken


What if
Don't want to be fixed


If nothing
that makes noise
Is in a room
Is it really silent?
If silence never was
Can it really be broken?
Or just hurt


If a question
Is answered
Is it still a question?
Or is it
A broken question




If i talk
And no one listens
Does it matter
If i talk again?


If i was a question
And no one wanted
to hear the answer
Does it matter,
If i ask again?


If you were a question
And you were broken
Should i answer?
Or should i just,
Let you be broken.

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