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A Quintessential Production

April 9, 2018
By Lessi BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
Lessi BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
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But present
Are the strings
They wrap around our arms
Our wings

The masks
Are fragile
Their smiles glisten
We must put them on
Now no one will listen

The costumes
Cover our skin
No stretches no curves
Just perfectly thin

We dance
As one
Each step in tune
Shoot for the stars
For there is no moon

They seethe
They hide
And try to destroy
What is really inside

No darkness
Just light
For shadows don’t exist
Yet here we are
And our demons still persist

When will we learn
That we are not puppets
The world is not a stage
And those masks we wear
Produce only rage

We will the sun to shine
But when the darkness comes
We close our eyes
We ignore our demons
And smother our cries

We cannot ignore our problems
We cannot pretend that all is fine
We cannot ignore the despair
We cannot tell ourselves
That it is not even there

We must listen to those who want justice
To those who want freedom
To those who cry out
We must hear them
Without a single doubt

We allow shooters
To mow down innocent
Human Beings
We allow tyranny
And ourselves to just stop seeing

We are not happy
And we cannot keep pretending
That our lives are perfect
Children are dying
When will we stop this

The author's comments:

I was reading a scholarly article about Huckleberry Finn, and in said article the author pointed out how people tell lies in civilization and wear masks to cover up their flaws in an attempt to create the allusion of a perfect society. I want people to understand that we cannot keep erecting walls in hopes of shutting out the problems that plague our society. We must face them instead of pretending that they do not exist.

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