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the sky above me(the sky inside me)

April 9, 2018
By SydneyAW BRONZE, Kentfield, California
SydneyAW BRONZE, Kentfield, California
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and I feel the wind through my wings
each feather adjusting
and I don’t know how anything can be more wonderful
than flying above the world
the feeling of the cold cold wind
that freezes my fingers
and blinds me so beautifully

and I spiral higher and higher
through the damp clouds
leaving everything behind
and my breaths come slower
harder and harder to breathe
and I fly higher and higher
the sky grows darker
the stars fill my vision
and all I feel is my weightlessness

the sky around me is dark blue now
almost black
the ground so far below that it is but a distant memory
in my windswept mind
and I am not breathing but I am alive

and the sky is inside of me
so dark and so bright
its majesty too great to be contained
and so the sky burst from me
and I was just an empty shell
and I was so powerful
in my nothingness

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