from the willow trees

April 9, 2018
By SydneyAW BRONZE, Kentfield, California
SydneyAW BRONZE, Kentfield, California
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I come from the wind
that whistles through the willow leaves
ever listening for the sound of its call
will I hear it today?
will I hear it some day?
when will I know to go home?

are the crows in the trees calling for me?
wait, wait, don’t go
leave me a message, kind sir
tell me to stay, tell me to go
but please don’t lie waiting
give me a yes or give me a no

I live for the breeze in the willow trees
oh, how it swells and it fades
I live for the hum of the birds
the twittering of life so hidden away
I live for the quiet of the forest night
silent and dark and always my own
I live for the hope it offers me
oh, how I want to go home

will I ever go back?
as for that, I don’t know
the future is distant
I have yet to say hello

there’s no need to keep waiting
for a ghost of your past
move on with your life
I may not come back

but keep hope in your heart
for I might well return
remember my face
but try to move on

keep away from the memories that have stayed
so bitter and gray, like the end of that day
the end of the day when we lost
the ties that kept us together
and now we float apart
high off the ground, like two twin feathers

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