My Pet Bird

April 9, 2018
By dy/dx GOLD, Edina, Minnesota
dy/dx GOLD, Edina, Minnesota
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My pet bird,
light brown with
scattered speckles,
perched on the edge
of the cat furniture
and observed
the autumn leaves,
light brown with
scattered speckles,
floating by.

My pet bird,
its speckled feathers
scattered around
the living room,
looked at me
with opaque glass eyes,
their once-intent focus
scattered into oblivion,
and asked me "Why?"

The author's comments:

The phrase "light brown with scattered speckles" seems at first like a mere description of the bird's appearance, but later becomes significant when the same description applies to "the autumn leaves... floating by", which carries the implication that the "autumn" of the bird's life will soon turn into a permanent winter. 

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