She Ss Never ASKING FOR IT !

April 14, 2018
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And yeah,
Yesterday was ' The 13th Friday '
But yeah it was just another day you see ,
With no signs of unnatural events or incidents.
It's not the date or the day that counts the evil means,
It's the mind that resides in every human being !
And yet again,
Humanity has been stabbed,
Stabbed so badly,
It can barely even breathe !
Humans have betrayed their own cause of existence ,
Yet another angel has departed this land of mother nature,
Yet another little girl,
Has been raped,
Would you now say, ‘She deserved it?’
But here,
For your kind of information human race,
She wasn't wearing heavy makeup,
She wasn't wearing any short skirts,
She wasn't coming back at midnight after a hard day's work !
She was a mere EIGHT year old,
Who probably didn't even know what a word like assault even did mean !
A mere ‘EIGHT’ year old,
Who didn't know,
She was “Asking for it ! ”(As you may say)
Her soul would still wonder,
What wrong she had done to those living blunders?
What wrong on earth had she done to get raped for a goddamn EIGHT DAYS ?
No! It's neither about religion nor fate,
It's about the evil minds that reside
In this politicised society .
Days and dates aren't bad for you,
Worst are humans with such unduly minds,
They are those who make our society ill,
They are everything you need to get rid of,
Remember ,
Age is never a barrier for criminal minds,
No matter if she's EIGHT or EIGHTY,
No matter if she's in a Burkha or in jeans,
What needs to be remembered is one fact,
Remember that !

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