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Ode to Stories Only Told in the Night

April 16, 2018
By Mizar01 SILVER, Greendale, Wisconsin
Mizar01 SILVER, Greendale, Wisconsin
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I want to live in a world where normal is an insult
--Misha Collins

I remember a boy who could snap his fingers like that and stop the dinosaurs from chasing us all the way back to London.

This boy reminded me of those childhood days, where the grass was always green 

and the sky forever blue 

and no one could take that away from us.

When he talked, we would laugh of swordfish duels under the sea.

               Stabbing!                           Cracking!

Now scream, running as Shark Hunters drove our stored dreams away.

However as the ground swallowed whole, 

I knew everything was alright.

Because he’d strum a hum while we pranced, spinning circles around our own ancient lore.

For the way he smiled at me made it feel like a thousand suns, who were 

secretly evil chickens plotting to destroy KFC, ablaze.

Whereas girls would squeal with such delight, when Jupiter's flags were picked by 

celestial rainbows dancing in the night.

So, ends a world of motion

            Stills the waves of pride

                        Bring upon commotion

                                         Nothing like a sigh

“See you later,” I'll say while he blows me a paper bird of promises and good mornings.

For the world spins in picture books and comes forth a black carriage full of lies.

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Written in 2014

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