Right your wongs

April 16, 2018
By 32519 GOLD, Detorit, Michigan
32519 GOLD, Detorit, Michigan
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You probably think I am the worst because of what I did to you
But funny how you just now feeling the pain of what you put me through
You say you no longer take the blame in this blameless game
That negative energy will never speak my name
You have sex and don’t get attached because you want what we had back
Trying to love you again was like watching my favorite movie over
I knew how it would end
Your past was the bully that frightened our future
The wind that shook the trees held a better conversation than me and you in a empty room
After awhile your touch didn’t even keep us in touch
Like a blind person reading Braille touched your heart closed my eyes and could not read what was there

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