April 16, 2018
By 32519 GOLD, Detorit, Michigan
32519 GOLD, Detorit, Michigan
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The smell of your bed sheets still linger on my skin
We love each other in 2 minute intervals
“I Love you”
We always did things backwards
Making progress,
loosing progress,
gaining rewards,
making mistakes,
2 steps forward then 50 back,
and small victories
Is all apart of loving you
“I Love You”
Since we have been together the laugh lines on my cheeks have grew darker
You were a sign of happiness
You didn’t make me a better person
But you made being me easier some days
“I Love You”
You brought out a more patient side of my love
You shook me with the truth never stroked my ego with lies
“I Love You”
I still come up with plans to make you love me
If I pull away I wonder if you would pull me closer
“I Love You”
I tell myself I’ll leave it alone and let things fall into place but..
“I Love You”

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