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The "C" Word

April 15, 2018
By Aswathinair BRONZE, Tappan, New York
Aswathinair BRONZE, Tappan, New York
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The first day, you were harmless
A thought, a miniscule object that caused no one harm

The first week we were afraid,
But I did not believe you would succeed in hurting me

Everyone said that it would be fine
But oh how wrong they were

Then we got the news that in fact you were indeed evil
The purest of evil there could be

You beat me
You broke me
You succeeded in destroying me

How could you, such a small being do this to me?
Why have you done this to us?
All these questions rushed into my mind

As you progressed into creating my life into an endless pit of darkness
My life started spiraling in front of your eyes
Yet you did not care
You did not care for anyone’s sorrow and despair
You still continued to hurt me like you did with all your other countless victims

Why was a thing such as you made into this world?
Why were you allowed to do this to someone who I cared so dearly for?
Why were you created when you were only built to kill the joy out of life itself?

Everyone has told me that “it will be okay”
Everyone told me that there is nothing to be afraid of
But oh how wrong they were

Yet they could not even imagine the outcome of this horrible situation
So how could they tell me that everything will be “fine”?

“Are you okay”
A constant question I have

“Are you feeling better today?”
I ask every passing day

“Can I do anything to help?”
A thought that crosses my mind as I see her doing a laborious chore around the house.

People that have also been victims of your wretchedness have sought me out
They have comforted me

Close friends very dear to me have been hurt by you
They have been defeated by you

How dare you do this?
Who gave you the right to come into one’s life
And completely turn it upside down?

I come home everyday
I see her concealing her great sorrows from everyone around her

I wish I could help her
But it was not my battle to fight

This battle was between her and it
This “it” was the one and only “C” word

You were the one who destroyed not only mine but millions of other families
Families that were strong
Families that were hopeful
Families that were supportive

We had finally thought we were rid of you
After numerous appointments
But oh how wrong we were

You struck again
Even stronger this time
When we got the news I was in the room

Her eyes started to water
I saw the disappointment she had in that moment

How could you do this to her?
To the strongest woman I knew

The woman that meant the world to me
The woman who had taken care of my siblings and I
The woman who was my role model

How could you do this?
Cancer how could you do this?

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Blair said...
on Apr. 22 2018 at 1:01 pm
An incredible poem with beautiful word choice!!! Deeply powerful, the ending shocked me!

¿Brown? said...
on Apr. 22 2018 at 12:45 pm
I really like this poem. When you read it there’s an unforeseen layer of depth that you don’t notice until you get to the last stanza. The last sentence speaks to me in a whole new level

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