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The Real Land

April 15, 2018
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There is this real island with magic
Which is not discovered and which has nothing tragic
This island is in a place where you will never find
Its ways are not of your kind

Pure platinum is the water here
You can drink it, you need not fear
The trunks and the roots of trees are of crystals
The branches have yellow lights in the form of bristles

There is no sun or moon which you are always told
During the day the sky is silver and during the night the sky is gold
The sand does not have mixtures
It’s of red sapphire with beautiful textures

Now you may ask where the island gets food to eat
Well, when diamonds falling from the silver sky and the surface meet
The platinum river converts the diamond into cuisines that are wonderful
The food is tasty and healthy and they make you powerful

Some of the animals’ eyes get illuminated, telling everyone that the diamonds are about to fall
Other animal take care of the mazes with the future ball
Some animals are responsible for the land of magical disasters
Other animals explore these lands which are full of blasters

You may say that this island is not in reality
Well, you can visit my vision which is full of curiosity
But one day I will build this land
And prohibit just one creature named ‘man’.

The author's comments:

This poem was written by me as i  created a land in my mind which is not modified by man and it is perfect just the way it is. Its creatures are happy living in it and it is unique in its own way. 

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