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To Heartache

April 15, 2018
By Mizar01 SILVER, Greendale, Wisconsin
Mizar01 SILVER, Greendale, Wisconsin
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To Heartache,


I taste blood. 

I'm drowning in your shallow laughter. 

The tears 

I don't, 


will never shed for you 

are simmering in sugar and salt.  

My first and my last kiss, 

Oh, where I've hugged the stars, 

sobbed for the sun, 

and screamed at the heavens

I see you under the moon,

so rarely,

and this night is legendary 

for my heart burns

at the sight of your flame.  

But I have a fire too,

one that shines brighter 

with every breath 

of stone

and water will not tame me.


You will not ever tame me.


Always, but mine solely

The women scorned

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