My Best Friend

April 14, 2018

Turn on my phone and what’s the first thing I see?
My silly friend sent a picture to me.
Memes of the world, I laugh and reply,
We joke in the night, until we both cry.

Open the door and what’s the first thing I see?
My best friend staring back at me.
We dance and sing and cry and smile.
We invent new words with childish style.
I act like myself and so does she.
Watching stupid videos and feeling carefree.

I get out of class and what’s the first thing I see?
This ridiculous girl is waiting for me.
We study together and barely finish a thing,
Making fun of just anything.
Playing loud music as we study,
School is fun when you’re with your best buddy.

I’m out of college, and what’s the first thing I see?
My lifelong friend is right in front of me.
We work together and become successful.
Life with her is never stressful.
We both find love and gossip all day,
Still celebrating each other’s birthday.

I just turned ninety years old, and what’s the first thing I see?
Some cake and balloons and my best friend waiting for me.
I blow out my candles and we reflect on the past,
Old and tired yet we still have a blast.
We look at old pictures and laugh at old jokes,
Laughing so hard we snort and we choke.

I attend my best friend’s funeral and what’s the first thing I see?
My greatest friend is not in front of me.
The funeral song is stupid, a sound photograph,
I can’t help it, I laugh and I laugh.
The old memories of stupid crushes,
Roller coaster rides and adrenaline rushes.
Getting kicked out of restaurants and stores,
Rolling around on soft carpet floors.
I’m not sad, instead I am glad,
Because my best friend was oh so rad.

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