April 13, 2018
By Anonymous

RO   I stand     AD


Glancing from side to side,


As people drift around me,


Walking to their own heartbeat.


The engines screech to a halt,


And many briskly walk off the platform


To be taken to their new destination.


Watching as a girl with headphones


Is dragged through the station


By her exuberant friend.


There are many who mute their voices


Out of fear


Out of their nature


But I remain indifferent.


Neither following-


                                                                Nor commanding-


Refusing to be brash,


Yet still as obvious


As a dandelion


In a field of clovers



I stare down


At the questions in my hands


Wondering if anyone has the answer-


To question number three on the sixth page-


But such a thing does not exist.


Because there is no correct answer


No guideline-


No cheatsheet for me to follow.


So I open my “eyes”


As people continue to drift around me


In the crossroads of a train station


Where I am destined to stand


In the intersection





Until I finally










To step









The platform.

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