Fallen Rain

April 13, 2018
By Giuliamara BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Giuliamara BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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The familiar yet distant memory always comes to mind
When the gray dark clouds steal the identities of the fluffy, white clouds.
The fear of a storm rolls in, but the storm clouds come to be just as gentle as the white ones.
The transparent drops off water that cascade from the sky make me forget
About the darkness above and remind me of a day where the sun was hidden
By the clouds
But an unexplainable light shined through.
A memory surfaced and it was as clear as raindrops to me.
My sister and I were young and our biggest worry was that the predicted
shower of rain was going to ruin our plans of going to the park.
When it started to rain and we knew our plan of going to the park was not an option,
We seized the moment and acted carelessly.
We ran outside and felt the cold, yet refreshing raindrops break on the surface of our innocent
skin. We watched, fascinated by the sight of our matching periwinkle outfits absorbed the rain
and turned into a darker shade of purple.
In a matter of seconds, we were drenched.
We ran up and down the block dancing and shouting in the rain and nothing in life had seemed so simple.
We weren’t worried about anyone seeing us.
We weren’t worried about going to the park.
We weren’t even worried about having to dry off.
We were simply bliss and soaking in all life had to offer us as five year olds.
Kind of like how that day when the rain came down so hard to the point where our vision became blurry, the rest of the memory feels the same way.
Somewhere along the line memory of dancing in the rain was just a memory, but it is one that I will never forget.

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