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April 13, 2018
By Anonymous

Within darkness, a small fissure of light flooded into the den.


Two figures quickly darted down the staircase


And tumbled around the room.


Young eyes peered into the mirror; A colorful world


constructed from fabrication,


filled to the brim, and bursting with dreams and imagination.


There, exploration and adventure would await them.


Hand in hand, the two opened the door.


Two bodies clothed in yarn danced around merrily in the sunny floor.


Blinking, they took a moment


Taking in the natural glory of the world which surrounded them,


Grins stretched across their faces


pondering just how big this little world of theirs truly was.


‘Where would they go?’ they wondered.


But the thought was soon abandoned,


for they had already begun their journey.


The duo rode on skateboards and hopped over hedges.


They journeyed through the blazing fires of the Amazon atop the back of a rhinoceros.


They treaded carefully over the marshes, wary of crocodiles, and navigated through the mazes of the moles.


The little figures partied with skeletons and sprinted down the aisle of a wedding.


Cacti sprouted from all around them and the two wearily trudged through the mines of the canyon.


Only to find themselves in the city,


Where construction sites littered every street corner, and car horns blared at each other in the traffic.


And just as soon as they came, the duo was whisked off to the islands; leaping across obstacles and training viciously in dojos.


As the two started to wear down, they traveled to the temples,


they danced amongst the crowds and watched street performers and magicians in awe.


But the place they went to last was not what they had in mind.


A dry, windy tundra, in which snowbanks stretched across the entire area


Shuddering in the cold, the two made their way into the cave, their hands outstretched to open the next door-



The fabrication’s spell was broken.



“Come upstairs for lunch!”



The elf-like twins glanced at each other


for only a brief moment


And set down their controllers,


before racing up the stairs to eat.

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