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Write a Suicide Note

April 6, 2018
By Raeyne BRONZE, Sultan, Washington
Raeyne BRONZE, Sultan, Washington
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I know there isn’t anything that could change your mind,
You’ve already decided this world isn’t your home.
But before you leave me forever, do me one thing
Write a suicide note.


Since I can’t stop you,
It shouldn’t be a problem.
I just want something to remember you by.
Something to hold when I cry.


When my dad left me
He left me with nothing
Please don’t do that to me again
If you really must leave, tell me why


Write a suicide note.


Write to your mother, your father, a sister or brother
Write to your friends
Write to that one teacher that changed your life
Write to the world
If to no one else, write to me.


Tell me how your life is, why you want to leave
Tell me what pushed you over the edge, why you can’t take more
Tell me of your happiest memory,
Tell me what you want to accomplish with your life.


Keep writing.


Leave me a half page, but don’t stop there. A full page, two even.

Keep writing until you have nothing left to say.
Write every thought that runs through your brain.
Give me everything, give me your pain.

The author's comments:

In my experience, writing a note has always given me enough time to calm down. With this, I'm not trying to promote suicide or depression, only to hopefully give someone a few more seconds to change their mind. 

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