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Love is like a Flower

April 6, 2018
By khoco_cat BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
khoco_cat BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
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Love is like a flower.
If you don't treat it right,
You should only expect it to last an hour.
If there is no warmth, light, or care,
Don't be surprised when it's not there.
Though, love can be beautiful and free,
And that's what we all desire,
The kind of love that sets your heart on fire.
However, if a different love starts a new,
Don't be jealous that it's not with you.
Because growing love takes time, patience, and soul,
But mostly, when it grows,
It is out of our control.
You can change the conditions,
But don't be mad if it doesn't meet yours.
For love is exactly like a flower,
And in its petals lies a certain unique power.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem after a fit of inspiration, then proceeded to revise it a bunch. My inspiration for it was the song "Paper Thin Hotel" by Matt Maltese. 

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