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Unworthy of names

April 9, 2018
By teenageoutcast5 BRONZE, Leawood, Kansas
teenageoutcast5 BRONZE, Leawood, Kansas
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Fingers running a marathon on the keyboard,

Pressing keys click to the beat

Tapping pencils moving to the beat of squiggles made into phrases

Nodding head and shaking legs

Sneaky screens and tilted heads,

Backpacks overflowing of chores to do

Outside world calling my name,

This school is making me go insane.

The system is to blame,

The reason for my shame

Putting us against each other as numbers unworthy of names.

All that matters is what we score,

Our pain our suffering is only a scream for more

Push until your dead it is the way of life,

Everything is a chore especially getting out of bed to be put against eachother with pointless numbers somehow defining our worth.

The author's comments:

This is about how the school system puts peers against eachother and my hatred for the system that never cuts me an emotional break.

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