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I Am Scared of the Darkness

April 8, 2018
By caroline88 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
caroline88 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I am scared of the darkness
Of the unknown
But not as much as I am scared of the light -
the knowing.
For in the darkness there is hope
Of better things,
There is no knowing the rainbows,
But there is also no knowledge of storms.
Light brings only facts -
Smiles or sobs -
And there is no changing of that.
Yes, hope brings no answers,
But it also brings possibility
And not knowing terrors
while not knowing beauty
Is better than just knowing terrors.
Hope’s tenacity
Is a child
Clinging to their mother,
Hope’s audacity
Is a catalyst
Of a teenager raising a fist against
The disillusion of injustice.
If there was no darkness,
We would not search for an outlet of hope,
And the plug of action
Could not be sparked -
Killing the darkness
With the strength of the bright.
So I am scared of the darkness
But not so much as I am scared of the light.

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