April 8, 2018
By RainbowTunaFish BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
RainbowTunaFish BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Making the same mistakes
Taking no heed
To the many warnings
That you’ve received

Day after day
It’s the same trend
Your damaging habits
Leading to your inevitable end

No one steps in
No one speaks up
You do what you want
You don’t care about us

The drugs and the sex
The lies and the theft
Your days are spent wanting
Your heart is bereft

Precious child
Do you not see?
That the path you take
Will not satisfy thee?

Continue you on
And you will notice
The growing pain
In your lonesome heart

Your demons will consume
And from your hatred will bloom
Taking control of you

Everyone will bear witness
And fall victim to
Your poor choices
Your grudges
Your insecurities

In the end it’ll be you
Left alone
To face your demons
To atone

If you’re strong
And can hold true
We will be there
To help you

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