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April 8, 2018
By Joenys BRONZE, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Joenys BRONZE, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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You do not know why you went up.

Hands shaking knees aching and quaking.

Going up on a stage for the first time its one milestone in a billion.

Going up on a stage for the first time can be hideous.

You will believe you are insignificant.

You will not receive a dazzling role.

You will be bossed and jabbed around with nothing to do.

You will be stuck in a cage like a lion.

You will be learning how to walk again like an infant.

You will stumble and slide on what is known as the acting pole.

You won't be noticed, you won't have a spotlight.

You'll feel useless careless and you will trip and fall.

Yet you still show up every practice and stand tall.

Yet you try hard memorizing every other part with delight.

Even if you are a small role, believe you are the biggest role of all.

Look out on the stage with glistening eyes.

Do not care if any of your relatives stopped by.

Let your character scream and shout.

Break free from the strings the stage brings.

Let it shout because one day there will be no doubt...

You will be the one everyone talks about.

The author's comments:

I hope people get from this poem that it's hard in the acting industry even in something as simple as a school musical or play. For freshman especially that when they enter high school they'll get a bunch of opportunities, but they will most likely not be taken as a priority. I want to tell freshman like myself not to give up once in their first major activity in the case of the poem a musical/play not to give up. Even if they are neglected they do not talk to their peers, they keep being set down and even if they feel they are not needed I want them to know what does it matter? You are the only one who will ever see your true worth, who will have to leave everything out so others can see it too. To never give up, to leave it all on stage and never back down because once they back down they give up what can be a gift. A gift to the audience. A gift to the stage. A gift to their family. A gift of their own.

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