April 8, 2018
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barks of an entitled leach-boy, wail of his life-giver in pain, crimson blood of familial love lost,
cracked knuckles, hole in the wall.

crouch around the corner, knees bent on plush carpet
silent streams down my cheeks diverted, twisted, and turned by hands plastered to ears.

encompassing darkness of thunderous voice of a man who was once my brother
think of icy sleds and red cheeks, think of the dawn of christmas morning and bubbling laughter.

watercolor art on her skin, hidden
she can’t let the world see, he was her fault.

trapped here, contorted and afraid,
every boom of his voice sending jolts up speeding up my spine.

your fluorescent green eyes stab through the blanket of darkness
darkness that suffocated my view and infiltrated my heart for so long.

hesitant, carefully approaching.

run the smooth landscaped peaks of my palm along
the plush cotton field of your fur.

you resonate life
a time machine in a touch.
warmth in one glance.

your wispy whiskers rub against my cheek,
you bring me back to a time when I was safe.

I give my lead heart to you
because I have no one I can trust.

You are the only pure I have left.
You are safety.
You are family in a house of strangers.

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