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I Am Me

April 8, 2018
By Anonymous

I am big city and small town
Memories sewn into thick quilts
Campfire smoke embedded in the fabric
I am rock concerts and Thursday night karaoke
Family gatherings full of laughter
Afternoon park space smelling of barbeque smoke
I am Saturday morning pancakes and Sunday night movies
Camping in the backyard
Waterslides and Popsicle grins in the front
I am late night conversations and early morning sunrise
Long walks across town
Followed by swimming at the wave pool
I am living room floor beds and popcorn kernels
Week-long sleepovers
With days spent at Grandma’s
I am the roar of engines and the smell of spray paint
Names painted on cars branded with the number 12
Glistening trophies for all to share
I am summer nights and winter mornings
Hot chocolate filled with marshmallows
Trash bags used as sleds

I am snapshots of childhood memories
Reminding me where I am from

The author's comments:

This was written when I was told to describe myself for a school assignment, it is everything that has made me, me. 

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