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My Brown Skin

April 8, 2018
By parisbarnes_14 BRONZE, Ottawa, Ontario
parisbarnes_14 BRONZE, Ottawa, Ontario
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My Brown Skin
Beautiful but dark
Beautiful but disliked
Beautiful but unseen
My Brown Skin
Smooth but not light
Smooth but not rich
Smooth but means nothing
My Brown Skin
Covered but has layers
Covered but has sins
Covered but has the pain they caused
My Brown Skin
Is so different
Is the only one
Is my ancestor's beauty
My Brown Skin
Has been through the struggles
Has been through  the pain
But is now walking in the human race
My Brown Skin
Will always have a voice
Tries to gain power
Tries to gain self-confidence
Will always fight for the injustice that comes with being in it
My Brown Skin

The author's comments:

I hope this poem empowers black girls to be themselves and to love their rich dark skin.
I hope this poem helps black girls see writing as a creative outlet where they can express themselves.
And last but not least I hope this poem lets black girls know that forever and always their brown skin is beautiful.

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