I've lost my memory

April 7, 2018
By WaitingForCam BRONZE, Burlington, Ontario
WaitingForCam BRONZE, Burlington, Ontario
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"Where did we go?
What did we see?
I cannot remember,
You must remind me."

Perhaps if you tell me the places we've been,
I'll recall the wonderful faces we've seen.

My goodness, I've forgotten my very own name,
You’d think that I'm kidding or merely insane.

I guess I should start with this day of last year,
For this is the day that our journey took gear.

"Hey you, over there, with the purply pants. Don't you put foot in my garden of ants.”

"They're everywhere you step,
And everywhere you'd think,
So may I save you the trouble and pour you a drink?"

A drink for the road,
We mustn't stay long.
But what a lovely home,
Please don't get me wrong.

A home yes it is, and lovely?
Some might say.
But please let me warn you people of the reason you should stay.

Well, go on with it at once,
please tell us of your news.
We're holding many items that we're hoping not to lose.

Stay away from the seat,
No matter how it seems.
For if you enter,
You will find a terrible night of dreams.

Okay pal, good talk.
Off we walk.
Through the woods.
Past the stream.
Walking, walking, walking, till the leaves begin to gleam.

Up from the valley,
Over across the moss,
I've got some bad news friend,
I think that we’re lost.

My goodness look! A sofa. A sofa for us to sit!

No, it's probably filled with pokey feathers or cactuses that prick.

We sat on the sofa,
Our hearts sat on edge.
We took flight in our seats,
We flew up over the hedge.

We're headed for the moon. Do you think that we can make it?

Make it?

Well, no thought is faulty. And no dream should stray. So just don't stop, no matter what people say.

A crash landing isn’t what we have in mind.
I find,
Thinking about it less relieves the stress.

Forget I even mentioned it,
We've already landed.
The gravity has shifted,
We must not get stranded.

The moon looks so wonderful,
Full of a warming light.
Yet it's emptiness brings reminder we're the only ones in sight.

Isolation may fall upon us if we stay here for too long.

But off in the distance, there's a house so come along.

Something in my ear is shouting “Fear! Fear! Fear!”
And the only thing that makes it better,
Is knowing that you’re near.

Don't forget that I've forgotten.
Don't forget about our journeys.
You are all I have that keeps me stranded from my worries.

The author's comments:

Your mind can choose to be blind,

and leave you with your past to find.

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