The running of the beast

March 27, 2018
By Anonymous

The running, steam rolling in the brisk air
The nomadic huts in the distance
The beautiful sunrise glistens
The snow shows a light color
The temperature freezing

Running, being chased throughout plains of death
A great herd, horses and indians
Cliffs!!!! Sharp turn to the right and left
Sharp spears, rigid rock under our feet
Snow brakes out, start over.

Nomadic huts, capes of brothers hanging
Arrows, penetrating points and wood
Bow, string of finely woven silk
Grip wrapped with hide of family
Huts full, families and pets

Sunrise, glow growing over the prairie
Steam rising, water cascades off gravel
Loud noise of horses running
Grass waltzes in the wind
Beast of the prairie

Temperature rising, fur coming off me
As I run the rattles below my feet
Prairie grass, magnificent browns
Run, have a chance at living
Fall to have a fast death

The swift running slowly turned to nothing
The nomadic huts away with love
The beautiful sunrise descends
The snow into a rainbow
The temperature brisk

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