Voyage in Secret (Butterfly Vivarium) This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

March 27, 2018

It’s a                                             jar of
flying                                     colors—
shimmering                          sapphire, 
elegant                             emerald,
radiant                                 ruby.
A perpetual                     party
in nature,                it’s the
everlasting confetti of
the tropical rainforest.
But it’s too much for me.
I desire tranquility, a trickling
stream like a breeze that waves
my delicate wings, that gives me
invigoration to keep going, to push on, to follow my heart.
But would it be right to leave? The place created solely as a home for me?
My plan could fail; I could discover the evil humans possess, the core of butterfly folklore.
But I listen to my soul. It is time to escape; I eye a mouse hole behind the thick leaves of a coconut palm.
A flutter, then a flitter—I hear gasps as I dance my way towards it, my iridescent blue wings a breathtaking display.
My audience loses attention when I manage to make it through. In the hole meanders a twisting tunnel
that makes me question the maneuvering abilities
I have tried to master since the beginning…
At last, open air. Could it be? I arrive at my dreams, the crystal waters
of the fountain whispering softly and invoking in me a connection to the natural world that
I had never understood before I took that risk, left that living vivarium
to make an voyage in secret, which seemed so wrong
but became
so right.

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