March 26, 2018

In a world full of hate,
There are birds that still sing,
Suns that still rise,
Bells that still ring.

Flowers that still grow,
Babies that still smile,
Flakes that still fall,
And animals still wild.

There are dreamers still dreaming,
Preachers still preaching.

Climbers still climbing,
And seekers still seeking.

There are swings still swinging,
Grandparents still grinning.

Waves still crashing,
And new life just beginning

There are clouds still floating,
Wind still swaying trees.
Fishermen still boating,
Bursting life still under the sea.

There’s happiness, and laughter, and butterflies inside.
Still jokes, and friendships, all boundaries aside.

Still love, and life, and comfort to be shared.
Still melodies, and harmonies, and meals freshly prepared.

Still learning, still growing, still sights to be seen.
Still oceans blue, and valleys green.

Still bedrooms, and new grooms, and sunshine galore.
Still gumdrops, and raindrops, and still plenty more.

There is hate, there is war, there is fear, there is crime.
But even in such a world, there remains life and time.

Still blood and bruises, and tears to be shed.
But there is still beauty in this world that pulls ahead.

No pain, no loss, no hate, nor cry
Is but strong enough to defy. 
The beauty, the joy, the hope we hold.
For cities may crumble, but souls never grow old.

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