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homage to my hair

April 3, 2018
By ybnrayee BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
ybnrayee BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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no matter what happens
in my life
you’ll always be there.
sitting atop of my head
kinky, curly, hydrated, tucked away
wet or dry
you’ll never leave.
you may shed,
but i’ll take care of you;
just as you take care of me.
i look to you for comfort
running my fingers
through you
whenever i’m stressed.
challenges form against me
i look to you,
my afro for
serenity, for peace
my afro fascinates,
disgusts many
but it’s mine
it’s not up for discussion
it’s not up for debate
the volume
the curl
the length
of my hair is mine
your embrace
entangled in my fingers
makes me feel
warm inside
you embrace me
i take advantage of you
many little girls wish they had
this hair
maybe, just maybe
one day i’ll be able
to share you
with every little girl in the world

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