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April 3, 2018
By MICHAELREGISTER0 SILVER, Brandon, Mississippi
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"Life is like a lemon drop, You gotta suck through the bitter to get the sweet part" ~M. Lambart

Being a man doesn’t mean lifting weights,
Or having a six-pack,
It’s about showing feelings,
Being a woman doesn’t mean crying all the time,
Or cooking constantly,
It’s about showing how strong you are,
Being a child doesn’t mean being weak,
Or eating dirt and sand.
It’s about having fun whenever you can,
Being an elder doesn’t mean breaking hips,
Or sleeping all the time,
It’s about being wise and resourceful
These are what people overlook,
I’m a man because i can show my feelings and not be ashamed of it,
I’m a kid because I have fun whenever I can.
There is no reason to discriminate others,
Because they are just like you,
Maybe not on the outside,
But we have the same yellow egg yolk inside.

The author's comments:

When I am angry, I write. I missed someone special in my life and wanted to distarct myself

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