When ADD and Anxiety Collide

April 3, 2018
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I'm trying.
Trying to focus
To think
To breathe
To work
But I can't.


My head spins
Jumbles up all
I was going to write
My breaths stop
My heart stops yet races
And I just can't think
I just can't breathe
I just can't.


I want to be normal.
To focus and not sink
To breathe and not feel rushed
To feel like I'm good enough
But I can't.
I'm not normal.


It'd be so easy to be normal.
To focus and control distraction.
To work and not panic.
To think and not have jumbled thoughts.
Why can't I just be normal?


I can't focus
It's like locusts
Jumping through my head
Jumbling up my focus
My words
My sanity.
I'm tired of being distracted
But I can't help it.
It's out of my control
And the blame is put on me.
I can't stop.

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