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A Fire In My Heart

April 2, 2018
By Trinity Lemm BRONZE, Wauconda, Illinois
Trinity Lemm BRONZE, Wauconda, Illinois
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There's a fire in my heart
Your blood runs through my veins
There's a burning in my throat
From words leaking in the rain
Clouds are crying to themselves
In an act of desperate despair
And blood is falling from the sky
The smell of you is everywhere
Cold ice reminds me of your touch
But you are nowhere in sight
My hopeless, beating heart
Has turned black within the night
I can feel you in my bones
And I crave the color of you
Your golden skin has a burning way
Of draining my crimson true
Your kiss is rather sour
As I remember it to be
These thoughts produce my heart
To shatter every memory
I can feel your venom searing
Through my bloodstream in a blaze
I ache the ghost of you
In this foggy, summer haze
Almost to my heart
Your poison takes over my being
Killing me so instantly
Your wrath of joy deceiving
Ruby red, my blood drips down
In between your fingers
As my loving heart goes tonight
And your toxin, it still lingers
There's a forest in your mind
With a deranged killer on the loose
His weapon of choice, a single kiss
Killing all with sweet abuse
Run, run, hide tonight
He's looking for you now
He'll start an ocean in your eyes
And leave you dying on the ground.

The author's comments:

I hold this poem very close to my heart. I wrote it when I was 14 about someone I truly cared about.

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