Break Away To Break Again

April 2, 2018
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Curtains flutter and fall against the puerile window
Those coffee stained nights wave a spotless goodbye
The clock ticks away in our ignorant impatience,
Each second past is a blow to our evanescent adolescence .

We spend this time learning to be free birds in a serene sky
But these recalcitrant winds never make it easy to fly
Fairytales have turned into retellings without happy endings
Glass slippers bite at our feet , no beauties just ruthless beasts
We realize no kiss would wake us when we are finally asleep.

Because growing up leaves insomniac shadows under your lashes
Your skin bows to woe,regrets,remorses, broken promises
This treacherous time won't let me be fourteen forever
Because the best things in life are too often ephemeral.

So I let the curtains fall,but the windows still dwell in the soft sunlight
Ocassionally , the wind brings back the feathers I have lost in my flight
Don't try turning back the hour hand and waste these seconds you have
Because childhood maybe lust,but growing up is the hurtful kind of true love
Just know you've been doing it since you were born.

Eventually,we break away from the comforting prison gates
Break away from the meadows and glittering landscapes
Maybe we broke away to break again
We broke away to be reborn amidst deserts and incessant rains
We broke away to find our wings in the eye of this raging hurricane.

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