I've Been Falling for a Long Time

April 5, 2018
By NLysanderF BRONZE, Holland, Texas
NLysanderF BRONZE, Holland, Texas
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I've been falling for a long time


you should know I never stopped falling

I don't want to land

If keep falling it might hurt less


Yes I fall more and more each day

Yes you don't fall for me

But as long as I never land it's okay


You will never truly know how long I've been falling

That's okay

You will fall for someone else


That's okay

I will only fall for you honestly

That's okay


I might find someone to help me fall slower

But never someone to stop me

That's okay


Because I'm falling for you

Always have and always will

And that's okay

The author's comments:

I never truly moved on from my ex and the only way to express it was through poetry. I hope people in a similar situation will find some joy in this at the least emotions that as I did set a spectrum of them from myself into this.

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